Gerlach Photography Nature Gallery

by Philip Gerlach

Santa Barbara Photographs

The following photographs are in lower quality, sometimes have distorted proportions, and are watermarked to preserve copyrights. The actual pictures have a higher quality than what is shown here.


1051 Santa Barbara Pan

art studio web.jpg

1052 Artist Studio

bike path sb web.jpg

1053 Bike Path

boats sb pan web.jpg

1054 S.B. Boats Harbor

botan path web.jpg

1055 Botanical Gardens

butterfly beach web.jpg

1056 Butterfly Beach

butterfly sunriseweb.jpg

1057 Butterfly Sunrise

cabrillo lighthouse sunrise web.jpg

1058 Cabrillo Lighthouse

clock light.jpg

1059 La Arcada, S.B.

dolfin sculpt wharf web.jpg

1060 Stearns Wharf Sunrise

east beach pan web.jpg

1061 East Beach Pan

harbor mt boats.jpg

1062 Harbor

harbor sunset web.jpg

1063 Jetty Sunset

ledbetter sunset.jpg

1064 Ledbetter Beach

mission hallway web.jpg

1065 Mission Halls

pelican wharf web.jpg

1066 Brown Pelican Wharf

pelicans wharf web.jpg

1067 Pelicans Flight

red rose nmis web.jpg

1068 S.B. Mission Road

sand pipersweb.jpg

1069 Sunset Sand Piper

sb clif birds web.jpg

1070 Shoreline Park Beach

sb courthuse web.jpg

1071 S.B. Courthouse

SB crek.jpg

1072 S.B. Creek Waterfront

seaguls flight web.jpg

1073 S.B. Sunrise Feeding Frenzy

seahorse pan harbor.jpg

1074 Harbor Pan

shoreline vert moonweb.jpg

1075 Santa Barbara Cliffs

snow sb web.jpg

1076 Snow in Santa Barbara

snris SB.jpg.jpg

1077 Santa Barbara Sunrise on Creek

stearns wharf web.jpg

1078 Early Morning Santa Barbara

strns whrf morn.jpg

1079 Morning Stearns Wharf

sunrise wharflight web.jpg

1080 S.B. Wharf Street Light

sunset bird web.jpg

1081 Sunset on S.B. Beach

wharf sb web.jpg

1082 Working Day at Stearns Wharf

yellow roses miss web.jpg

1083 S.B. Mission Yellow Roses