Gerlach Photography Nature Gallery

by Philip Gerlach

Coastal Photographs

The following photographs are in lower quality, sometimes have distorted proportions, and are watermarked to preserve copyrights. The actual pictures have a higher quality than what is shown here.

Avila Pier CA.jpg

1133 Avila Beach, CA

Butterfly Beach Santa Barbara CA.jpg

1134 Butterfly Beach

Avila Beach CA .jpg

1135 Avila, San Luis Pier, CA

Big Sur CA.jpg

1136 Big Sur, CA

big sur.jpg

1137 HWY 1 Big Sur CA

Carmel CA.jpg

1138 Carmel Waves, CA

carmel flowers.jpg

1139 Wildflower Country Coast

Trinidad sunset CA.jpg

1140 Trinidad, CA

Central Coast Poppies CA.jpg

1141 Poppies Central Coast

Carmel Coast Sunset CA.jpg

1142 Carmel Sunset Triptic

East Beach Santa Barbara CA.jpg

1143 East Beach - Santa Barbara

Julia Pfieffer State Beach Big Sur CA.jpg

1144 Julia Pfeiffer State Beach, CA

Shoreline Park Santa Barbara CA.jpg

1145 Sand Piper Santa Barbara

Sunset Morro Bay CA.jpg

1146 Morro Bay Sunset

Morro Bay soft sunset.jpg

1147 Morro Bay Sunset

Santa Barbara CA.jpg

1148 Ledbetter Santa Barbara, CA

Morro Bay CA.jpg

1149 Boats Morro Bay CA

Trinidad CA.jpg

1150 Trinidad, CA

Star Fish Northern Cal Coast.jpg

1151 Starfish, Northern CA

carmel rock tower.jpg

Carmel, CA